Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me...

I have decided to follow the leads of many others, including the amazing Jenn from Perfectly Imperfect and do a "If you really knew me..." post. So here it is...

Photo Courtesy of the boyfriend AND that isn't my camera. I'm a Nikon Girl. ;]

If you really knew me, you would know...

  1. I turned 20 this year, but I'm still a five year old at heart.  Thinking about my age makes me feel old, and then I go make mud pies in my backyard and I feel young again. (...I don't think I've ever actual made a mud pie. I should though.)
  2. I'm VERY quiet to the point where you wouldn't think I actually talked at all, unless we were close. Then you would know that I talk...a lot. Random words just flow out of my mouth when I'm not listening to people. 
  3. Even though I don't like talking to people, usually, I hate being alone.
  4. I eavesdrop people watch on a daily basis.
  5.  I live with my grandparents in California.
  6. I was given my first REAL camera as a Christmas gift when I was 15.  Somewhere between then and now, I fell in love with photography. 
  7. One day, I want to open my own photography studio.
  8. My current boyfriend is the only one that I've ever lived near.  The ex's I met online. I wouldn't recommend that. Long distance relationships are no bueno.
  9. I say No Bueno. A lot. I also have a few other favorite words such as, but not limited to: Rawr and Obnoxious. 
  10. A few semesters ago, I took an American Sign Language class.  I will forever sign the words Thank you, Water, and Vomit.
  11. I have gone to eight different schools, including college. Four Elementary Schools, One Jr. High, One High School, One Online School, One College
  12. For my Senior year, I was homeschooled because I didn't want to start another new school. I wish I had though.
  13. I'm a major klutz.  I walk into walls, spill things, etc. Just last night, I made nachos and spilled salsa juices on the boyfriend's face. In my defense, he was laying on the entire couch and would not sit up no matter how hard I tried to get him to!
  14. For as long as I can remember, I have been Christian, but it wasn't until the boyfriend and I became friends that my faith became a major part of my life. 
  15. Flip flops and converse will always be my shoes of choice, but lately I have been loving heels. Maybe it's because I'm so short. 5'1 and proud of it.
  16. Have a mad celebrity crush on The Amazing Spider-Man star, Andrew Garfield.
  17. I'm addicted to instagram and texting.
  18. One of my biggest dreams is to swim with dolphins.
  19. It is hard for me to tell what I'm feeling because I've pushed my emotions away for so long.
  20. For photography reasons, I'm going to travel the world. (Australia, Paris, London, Italy, etc.) I want to take my own pictures of famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower.

Join the fun and post your own "if you really knew me..."!

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