Most people call me Caitlyn.

Others call me Cait.  I will respond to both.  I really enjoy being called Caitmonster.
I'm a twenty something college student, majoring in Photography which has been my passion since somewhere between the age of fifteen and now. 
California is and always be my home. Definitely a Cali Girl.
I love being around people, but I don't talk much. I tend to people watch, then I end up eavesdropping...oops.
I have an amazing best friend (aka, the boyfriend) who I plan on marrying one day. 
My faith as a Christian has flourished through our relationship.
I have issues. Lots of issues.
My mind thinks I'm old, but my heart thinks I'm five still.
People often tell me that I'm strange and random. I wouldn't want it any other way.
I like keeping things light and funny, but there are times when I get really deep. LIKE REALLY REALLY.
I want to be your new best friend. Seriously.

Anything I didn't cover that you want to know? Just ask! :]

and just to show you how weird I can be...

I absolutely love that picture, even though I look like a complete tard.  I feel it really captures my personality.

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Christina S said...

So nice to "meet" you!
I just came across your blog!!
I am now following via bloglovin!
I look forward to keeping up!