Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Goals

 I had expected this list to be more difficult than it really was.  To me, a lot of these goals seem similar, but they are goals that are important to me, where I am right now. Next year, there might be more variety, maybe not. Either way, I want to accomplish these goals before May 25th, 2013 and I already have some ideas of how I plan on doing just that! I tried to incorporate easy as well as hard goals. Some that wouldn't take much effort, and some that might take all year just to make a smidge of difference, but as long as I try, I'll be happy. Here are the goals!

  1. Take a road trip ✔ - Went to Redding to visit the boyfriend's grandparents.
  2. Print out pictures ✔ - Done, but I want to print more
  3. Finish photo album
  4. Feed the homeless  ✔ - Again? :]
  5. Buy a car ✔
  6. Transfer colleges
  7. Work on my relationship with my mother
  8. Put clothes away as soon as they come out of the dryer - I have been really good at this, actually
  9. Learn to cook something...besides spaghetti and tacos
  10. Learn to play the guitar - Boyfriend has been teaching me
  11. Read for fun again ✔ - Finished Narnia!
  12. Allow myself to be in more photographs
  13. Be on the internet less - I'm really not on the internet nearly as much as I used to be.
  15. Spend more time with cousins
  16. Fit into jeans of a smaller size
  17. Go on an unplanned adventure
  18. Paint something ✔ - Painting class!
  19. Be more creative ✔ - Art classes have gottn me creative, but there's always room for improvement
  20. Keep my faith growing 
Edited 09.09.12

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