Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have decided that I should really clean my room before I leave for Ohio in June. It was a COMPLETE disaster and just had to be done! I had clothes all over the floor because I'm usually too lazy to put them away and papers from school stacked on my desk because as soon as I get home, that's where it goes. I've been so busy with work and school that I'm never in my room long enough than the time it takes me to sleep so it got PRETTY bad. Now that I have nothing dictating my schedule, I can do whatever I want and I actually have the time to clean my room, which is exactly what I plan on doing! It took me two days to put all of my clothes away and I'm determined to get the rest done by the time I go to sleep tonight.

For some reason, I got the urge to not just clean my room, but ORGANIZE it. I have been taking EVERYTHING out of my drawers, closet, etc. Going through it and then putting it all back. Needless to say, it's been kind of tedious and frustrating. Especially since my room looks even worse than when I started, but that's just how I clean. May seem weird, but if I don't make an even worse mess while cleaning, I didn't do it right.

I finished my clothes last night, so this morning, I began with my desk. As I mentioned before, there were piles upon piles of papers on that piece of furniture. I couldn't even see the desk anymore! I took all of those papers, put them on my bed, where I sorted them and left them there while I dusted desk because that was FILTHY. I really should clean my room more often...

After the desk was all clean, I emptied out my lockers (my dad put lockers in a school once and got to keep some, so he gave them to me. I keep my books and movies in them. NBD). Now I had papers, books, and movies all over my bed and desk. Quickly, I went through them and decided what I wanted to keep and what I could get rid of.  Then I put everything back in the lockers. It was kind of hard putting the movies back because I just bought at least 25 more when blockbuster closed and I had to get a bit creative in my stacking.
Next, I emptied out my dresser drawers (I have two dressers, one I keep my clothes in, the other, random stuff that I don't really have a place for. One has my hats and scarves. The next is extra toiletries, and the last I just made into my art supplies drawer).  There was even more stuff all over my room now, but it wasn't very hard to put everything back where it belonged. I even condensed two drawers so that I could fit my art supplies in one of them. I had been looking for a place to put them all day, but I still might need to find another place. The drawer is a little small.

My closet was next, but that should not have been too hard. It was only a few boxes that I wanted to go through real quick.  It made the biggest mess out of all of them though because everything was scattered all over my floor before i got a chance to put it away. I wouldn't have been able to walk without moving stuff.

After I did my closet, it was dinner time. My grandma made homemade pizza.  I was pretty burned out with all the cleaning, but I wasn't finished yet. my room still looked all messy. I had to take a break though, so i did. For like three hours.

Finally, I convinced myself that I had to finish before I went to bed, so I gave myself a midnight deadline, The last thing I had to do was clean off the top of my dresser, which had a TON of stuff on it because that was my go to place since it was right there when I walked through my door. I moved everything to my bed, since some of the stuff actually belonged on the dresser and put everything away, when I was finished, I took all of recycling out to the garage.

Now that I'm finished, I'm going to go to sleep in my clean bed. 


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