Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Not Going To Apologize

Taken by The Boyfriend while at the Beach
Some of the things I blog about may offend some viewers, I realize this. However, I'm not going to apologize for who I am.  I am going to be myself while writing my posts, uncensored and not worrying whether someone is going to take offense to anything that I have said.  If the reader doesn't like what I have to say, I'm not forcing anyone to stay. There's a little red button in the top right corner with an X on it. Feel free to click it. You have the ability to leave. No, I'm not going to try to push my beliefs onto you and I respect the fact that everyone is different and that includes their styles, beliefs, etc.  This post may seem pointless, but I'm writing it to remind myself to be who I am and not worry about what other people will think of me.  I want this blog to reflect ME. The real me, not some made up me. That me has issues.

Along similar lines, Kate from Wake Up, Lovely is doing a series about bringing ourselves back into our blogs and not trying to impress others.  It's quite inspiring and I suggest you check it out.


Anonymous said...

Here here girly! I just read an article on the fact that if you're not going to provoke peoples thought with your writing, you might as well not write at all!
Thanks for the mention, lovely!

Cait Monster said...

No problem! Your series kind of went with the theme of this post, so it was only fitting. :]
I would love to read the article if you have a link to it.