Monday, August 13, 2012

What I've Been Up Too - week 33

Monday: I woke up to a text from the boyfriend telling me to go to the gym by myself for whatever reason, so even though I would have rather gone with him, I went.  I was there for about 40 minutes and about to leave when I got a text from him saying he wanted to go, so I stayed.  I was at the gym for TWO HOURS.  After the gym, we sat on the couch and watched the Olympics. 
Tuesday: I was summoned for Jury Duty.  I REALLY did not want to go. Thankfully, I was excused. The boyfriend asked me to show him how to make pancakes (so he could eat the rest of his grandma's chocolate syrup) so I went to his house, but I had only made them from a box mix. His mom showed us how to make them from scratch! Later, he went to hang out with his friend and I went to the mall.  I didn't plan on buying anything, but how could I pass up $10 jeans and $5 camis? I bought four of each.
Wednesday: Went to the gym and then to the marina.  We were going to go to Bible Study, but I got a headache, so we ended up going to my house.
Thursday: I got a call at 9am asking if I wanted to go to run errands with my aunt (which included going to Target) so I got out of bed and bolted (forgetting to eat and pretty much everything). I bought a cute dress and two T-shirts.  Later that night, we went to the last Concert in the Park of the summer.  The boyfriend came with.  We had a picnic, walked around and danced in front of the stage (in front of people -gasp-).  I had soooo much fun.
Friday: Gym. No swimming, too tired. Olympics.
Saturday:  I woke up to a text saying "Check your mailbox." I had no idea whether that meant now or when the mail came or what, but I checked it right away anyways.  In my mailbox was a hand written note the boyfriend had left me on his way home from work. SUPERCUTE, right? ANYWAYS, Boyfriend decided to visit his cousin, so I went school clothes shopping again.  Ended up buying six shirts (five of which were on the clearance racks).  I visited him in between stores because he hadn't left his house yet and I was really close.  After shopping, I went back home and was sooooo bored.  What are you supposed to do at home in the afternoon? I do not even know anymore.
Sunday: Church. Naps. Family dinner: Spaghetti, Bread, Salad, Watermelon. Closing Ceremonies.
 Next Week's To-Do List
  •  Gym
  • Gilroy Gardens with the auntie and cousins
  • Feeding the homeless
  • Maternity photoshoot

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