Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pretty Amazing v.4

Fridays. Well, I was SUPPOSED to clean, do laundry, wash my car, get a bunch of homework done, etc. Let's face it. I overbooked. We all know you can't do that much in one day unless you are super mom, which I'm not yet. Instead, I spent the day doing a minimal amount of homework and hanging out with the boyfriend.
New Friends.She pretty much chose me. I would have been perfectly content to not talk to anyone during class, but she makes it oh so much more phone. Plus, we have PHOTOWARS via Instagram. How cool is that?
Instagram. Maybe it's the photographer in me, but I love instagram. Like many people, I enjoy taking crappy photos throughout my day to share with people i don't know. I especially like when the photo looks so nice that I can tag #nofilter. It makes me feel proud of myself for some reason. I think my new favorite tag is #collegelife though. Anddd I don't find it acceptable that I just realized what #latergram meant. Anyways, you should all follow me: @caitmonstro

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