Monday, September 24, 2012

What I've Been Up To - week 39

Monday: In photography, we practiced rolling film onto a reel for processing and then we watched half of Touch of Evil.  I went home like I usually do on Mondays and Wednesdays, finished my 2D homework, ate lunch, and then started my painting homework while waiting for the boyfriend so we could go to the gym. After the gym, we at dinner and I went to painting class, where we started a new still life.
Tuesday: Critiques of our 2D Design assignments and then spent the rest of class working on drawing leaves! Mine were ivy.  In Descriptive, we started perspective and sat in a hallway and tried to draw it. It's harder than it looks. Especially when you choose an outside hallway and it gets cold at 8pm.
Wednesday:We processed our film and finished watching Touch of Evil in photography. Worked on my painting at home. Then, instead of going to the gym, the boyfriend decided we should go swimming.  We went to his house and found out that the pool felt like ice. So no swimming for us! Back at school, I continued my still life painting.
Thursday:Worked on our assignments in 2D and after class while waiting for Descriptive (a total of 5 hours) and then redid my hallway drawing.
Friday: was an awesome day.  For photography, we took a field trip to San Francisco to visit a museum to see a Cindy Sherman gallery. All of her photos are of herself as a character, which is cool and all, but the rest of the museum was kind of boring. I did get free post cards though!  After that, my friend and I walked around a little in search of food.  We ended up stopping at 7-11 since we passed like five.  After she had to leave, I walked around a little more and took pictures of the city.  These should be on the blog later this week!
Saturday: BABYSHOWER! Okay, seriously, Future sister-in-law is due in like four weeks. How crazy is that? So, when we first found out she was pregnant, I was asked to do the baby shower photos. Of course, I was more than happy to do them. Before arriving, I had some of the maternity photos printed and got some frames and a photo album for her gift.  They also had some of the photos slideshowing on the TV. People kept asking who took the photos and I would be lying if I said the praise didn't go to my head a little.
Sunday: Church. Naptime during football. Painting. I spent a large portion of the day either sleeping or trying to come up with my future photography business name.  I think I have one that I like! :]

Next Week's To Do List
  • School
  • Finish homework painting
  • Two year friendship anniversary with the boyfriend
  • Relax after a busy weekend


SimplyHeather said...

Aw, you had such an eventful week! My week was a whole lot of nothingness. Lol

xoxo Heather

SimplyHeather said...

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