Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm so upset right now.

So, last night, my Painting teacher found out that a lot of the class wasn't coming into class because they were going to San Francisco for the Giants parade and it is Halloween.
He took a vote, and the class decided we didn't want to come to class.
I was so excited to actually be able to do something instead of sitting in a room for three hours, watching him show us how to paint portraits.
Then, this morning. He took all that excitement away.
I got a call, from a weird number, so I didn't pick up.
Then my friend texted me and said that he called her and said we still had class.
Apparently, because the parade is in the morning, we can't cancel class.
It's retarded and I'm upset that I don't get to spend my favorite Holiday outside of school.
It sucks.

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SimplyHeather said...

Don't go to class and act like you never got the call. Go to the parade :D he can't hold that against you. It was the original plan and all. Just kidding - don't listen to me. I was the bad influence in school. xoxo I'm sorry you're sad.