Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Been....ONE YEAR

Let's begin our story in September of 2010.  This awkward little white girl, born in California, but raised in the boondocks of Ohio was back in Cali and starting her first semester of college. This girl, was very shy and didn't talk much at all, unless absolutely necessary.  She had to take pictures of people for her Digital Graphics class so she ended up meeting this girl who was sitting by herself, eating lunch.  She had black hair with purple streaks and a pair of crutches were lying on the ground.  Caitlyn, the awkward white girl asked if she could take Liz's picture. Liz is that other girl.

Liz consented and the two became friends.  A few weeks later, they were sitting at a table outside of the bookstore when this guy goes to sit on the ground near them. Apparently, he was in Liz's History class, so she invites him to sit at the table.  This happens twice.  The second time, she leaves to get food and leaves the Guy and the Girl sitting there, awkwardly. He asked her a million and one questions and she tried her best to answer.

"Do you like to read?"
"Yeah, I read all the time."
"What kind of stuff do you like to read?"
"um...anything? I tend to just pick up random books with pretty covers."
"So you read romance novels."
"...not always."
"oh. I like romance novels."

Conversation went like that for awhile.

The next day, Caitlyn sees the guy again, but she avoids him because she can't talk to people and she just knew that he would start asking her a million questions again.  Caitlyn avoided Daniel for a week until one day, he noticed her first and she couldn't get away. He introduced her to his friends and two of them ended up sitting with each other in between classes for the rest of the semester. He couldn't remember her name for five weeks though and called her "Your mother's name is Jennifer." instead.

Daniel would bring his guitar and a bunch of other people would gather around them because he talked to EVERYBODY. Somehow, they always ended up sitting right next to each other after scooting closer and closer to make room for more people.

The two of them became good friends, but the next semester, he did his classes at a different campus, so they didn't get to see each other as much.  He always invited people he talked to to go to his church.  His strong faith and courage to express it was one of the things she admired about him.  Caitlyn missed her friend so she decided to take him up on his offer to go to the church.

Caitlyn ended up going to bible studies with Daniel every Wednesday night she had off work after that. They had awesome conversations and Caitlyn began to open up.  Daniel was one of the people she could actually talk to. One night, in May, she told Daniel that she liked him.  He replied with "We're just friends." Caitlyn was heartbroken, but figured she would just get over him and fall for someone else.

Even though Caitlyn dated other people after that, she still felt something for Daniel and it wouldn't go away like she had hoped.  In the Fall, they ended up being in the same Math class.  He gave her rides home from school and one day, in October, the were walking down the hill their campus is built on and he randomly tells her that he likes her.  Caitlyn was speechless and he immediately starts saying that he might have missed his chance and he understand and that he really did like her back in June, but wasn't ready for a relationship blah blah blah.

Ten days later, they went to a beach party one of their friend's was having in San Francisco.  Daniel's friend Rob came was in the car and Daniel introduced Caitlyn as his "Special Female Attraction Friend."  Both, Rob and Caitlyn, were confused and asked what that was. That is when he asked Caitlyn to be his girlfriend.  They had their first kiss later that day on the beach.

One year, after that day at the beach, they are still happily together and I wouldn't want it any other way.


Thank you for the two years of wonderful memories.

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SimplyHeather said...

What a sweet story <3 I hope you two many more anniversaries! Forever and ever! xoxo