Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who Should Propose?

The other day, I saw this picture on Facebook. You know, the ones that are incredibly popular for some reason right now, where they ask you to like and comment basically so they can try to go viral?

I tried to find the actual picture, but it was a few days ago and I scrolled and scrolled down the newsfeed until I just gave up.  I will just have to explain it to you then!

The image was similar to this one that I found for the movie The Proposal, only different because the actual image had a pretty background scene (which is why I was attracted to it) and kids that were like fifteen.

Instead of a ring, the girl was holding a rose.

Above the picture, it said "Girl purpose guy?"

Bad grammar and all, I felt this question brought up a good point.  Is it acceptable for a woman to propose to a man?

I think it is, but at the same time, it's not.

Because we have gender equality these days (for the most part...) a woman proposing to a man is more socially acceptable than it would be during the Jane Austen era.  You know, when the girls sat around drinking tea, dreaming about when they were going to get married, but never did a thing about it except for dress up in ridiculous (adorable) clothing that they couldn't breathe in and go to parties?

HOWEVER, even though we have come a long way, I still feel a man should be the one who proposes.

I feel that as a female, I was brought up to marry a man. Not intentionally, but it happened. (It was probably all of the Disney movies I watched) Men, on the other hand, aren't wired that way.

In general, it takes longer for a man to be ready to settle down and get married, whereas for a woman, it isn't nearly as difficult.

There are so many factors that could go into this debate. How long were they together before she decides to propose? Will his ego be broken by the proposal? Is she proposing out of love or desperation?

Where do you stand on this Proposal Debate? Are you For or Against female proposals?


Melissa Boo said...

I might be a little old school, but I believe the man should propose. I also believe women shouldn't chase after men or ask men out on first dates. Which means I also believe a man should pay for the first date. And lastly that a man should always drive unless he is physically unable to or there are other circumstances in which he shouldn't be driving.

I think when you take certain acts away from men, it makes feel like less of a man and that's how we end up with a lot of problems.

Rachel said...

I think it's a personal choice--but for me, there's no way that I'd propose to a guy. I wanted to have that moment of being absolutely sure that he wanted me and chose me. Of course, I'm old fashioned and I even like a little chivalry and ladylikeness here and there, too! Of course if the woman really wants to she can take the initiative, but I was happy to wait till my guy was ready....he proposed all of three months after we started dating, so I wasn't much of a wait.... :P

Janna Renee said...

I agree with your take on it! I think many women would propose to guys way to quickly and marriages would happen way to quickly if women were in charge! Although, in my case, my hubby tried to propose after three months, and I had to tell him "Woah Nelly!" Quite unusual situation, though ;)