Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picking Up The Brush Again


Last year, I met my best friend in painting class.
She liked using watercolors.  I hated painting in general.
Either way, oil painting class was not for us!
We would take "breaks" and leave the classroom for hour long walks and when we did stay in class, we would complain about things like the awful radio show, Love Songs After Dark, that our teacher played every night or having to actually paint and what we had to paint.

Plus, there was the fact that my teacher never once pronounced my name right.  He always called me Cashin. Sir, my name is Caitlyn.  Not Cashin.

All semester, I failed at painting.  My still lifes looked like crap.  My portraits were even worse.  Then, we did landscapes. 
Photo reference for my landscape painting
My teacher was impressed with my sunset beach seen compared to all of my other paintings.  And to be honest, I enjoyed painting it a lot more than all of the others we had to do. 

That painting now hangs in my boyfriend's room. :]
All of the others are painted over and shoved in a box under my bed.

In one of my current classes, our project is to create a new identity for ourselves and make art as that person, corporation, government agency, etc.  For my project in particular, I created an alternate personality for myself.  Chloe Bardot, a french painter. She always wears some type of hat and is partial to black and white striped shirts.  Kind of like the stereotypical french artists.

Caitlyn doesn't like painting, but Chloe loves it! Therefore, I will be trying to paint this weekend.

I'll let you know how the painting turns out.

Wish me luck!

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