Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: Wishlist

Welcome everyone to the first day of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge! There is a topic assigned to each day, from December 9th - December 24th (skipping the weekends).  You can find those here.  Also, a link up will be added to day's post so you can share and read everybody's thoughts on each topic.  You will find that at the bottom of each post.  

So, without further ado, I present to you....DAY ONE!
When I was younger, my family would search for a newspaper on Thanksgiving that had all of the Black Friday ads in them and we would circle what we wanted, write our names next to it and make lists that meticulously described what exactly we wanted for Christmas.  We never got everything off of those lists, but my parents did try to get at least one thing.  

My family did the same thing this year, but I couldn't help but notice how different it was.  When going through the ads, instead of pointing out everything that I wanted, I would get to the end and be like "Oh.  I guess I don't want anything from that store." I didn't want anything!  Nothing you could buy from a store at least, so coming up with this wishlist was particularly hard for me.

  1. Christian Louboutin Pumps - I'm a fan of Thrift Stores and sales racks, but every girl needs a good pair of black leather pumps, right?  I've loved these ever since Sarah Dessen went on her book tour this summer and splurged on them in San Francisco. Signature red soles?  Yes, please!
  2. I Give Hugs Dinosaur T-shirt - I'm pretty sure a blogger has this shirt.  I just forget who.  This shirt is perfect because I love both dinosaurs AND hugs! It's been on my Pinterest wishlist forever! 
  3. Chocolate - I'm a chocolaholic.  If you gave me chocolate, I would love you forever.  Just not the fruit filled kind, that stuff is nasty.  Stick with plain and nut filled.  MAYBE caramel.  Just maybe.
  4. Beach Cruiser Bike - Confession:  I haven't ridden a bike since before High School.  Okay, there was that time I rode one down the sidewalk in front of one house to show someone how, but that was too short of a trip to be able to count that.  But who can resist this pretty thing?  I just love the color!
  5. AF-S Nikkor 50mm F/1.4G - This is probably at the top of my wishlist!  I don't splurge on lenses often, but when I do, my next one will be a 50mm.
  6. Black Peacoat - I have a jacket, kind of similar to this, but it's a Trench coat and tan.  I don't know if its because I've seen more and more people with this coat, but all of a sudden, my like for the peacoat has turned into love and need.  I also like how this one wouldn't go to my knees.  Sometimes that gets annoying.
  7. iPhone - Everyone keeps telling me I need to jump on the iTrain.  I'm taking baby steps, guys!  I got my MacBook, now I need the phone to match.  I'm just waiting for my current phone to go kuputz, which hopefully will be soon, since it's crap.  But not too soon!  I would love for it to fail when the iPhone 6 comes out, that way I can be hip and current for once.  Did I just say that? Yes. Yes I did.
  8. Starbucks - There are some days that I would love to stop by Starbucks on my way to school, but I have an issue with paying $5 for a drink all the time.  Send me some giftcards so I can enjoy red cups too, guys!

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

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Angel said...

Shockingly enough I was the same way this year, I usually have a list at least a mile long of things I've said all year, I'd like that for christmas... but this year I asked for CLOTHES!!

Kathryn Michel said...

Ahhh it wasn't letting me link up! Hopefully it will for tomorrow's, but here is todays!

Sean @ His And Her Hobbies said...

The new lens would be an awesome gift. I would like to get a wide angle lens for my camera some day. I was lucky when I got my DSLR as my zoom lens from my 35mm SLR fit perfectly so I am now just missing the wide angle one. Hope you get some of the items on your list. Have a great week!