Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Hangovers

Back in December, a few days before Winter Break began, I put together a little bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish before school started again.  I'm happy to announce that pretty much everything important on that list has been checked off!

My room has been clean for a couple of days now, thanks to my boyfriend for forcing me to clean it.  I went to Christmas in the Park, where there was fake snow.  Lame, but I count it.  Especially since there isn't much snow here in California. I haven't baked cookies, but my grandma has.  And I get enough cookies from elsewhere! I don't really need to make my own. 

And then there is Fight Club and The Hunger Games.  Both of which I have finished.  Actually, I just finished the last sentence of Mockingjay about five minutes ago.  I'm currently in that " what?" phase.  My attention was focused so intently on finishing the series.  Now that it's over, I'm experiencing that lost, empty feeling that fills you up after something that was once important, suddenly disappears.

Now I shall just sit here and reflect on how great the series was until I get my hands on a new book that is (hopefully) equally as awesome.  I can't decide what that new book is going to be yet though.


 What are some of  your favorite books?


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