Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just a Little He Said/She Said

Every once in awhile I offer to let my boyfriend write a post on Enigmatic Ambiance.  He always refuses.  He says that my blog should be a representation of my voice, not his.  Or whatever his reasoning is.  I kind of tricked him into writing something the other day though.

One night, I fell asleep on his arm like I do often and he mentioned that I should write about it on my blog.  I was joking and started doing it.  I showed him and then he wrote something that he does around me.  We went back and forth coming up with things and making lists.   When we were finished, I told him I was going to post it.  So, here it is!

I wrap myself around his arm and instantly fall asleep.
I poke him. Just because it amuses me.
I stare at him until he looks at me.
I try to watch him all the time, but his handsomeness blinds me.
I make fun of his facial hair, but he looks good with it. I just hate it scratching me.
I hate going to sleep without him every night.
I can spend hours sitting next to him and never want to leave his side.
I even enjoy being with him when he watches silly movies that nobody likes.
I love falling asleep with him still on the phone.
I knew he was a keeper when I realized he always held the door open for me.
I fell in love with him because he had a guitar everyday.  Now he hardly plays it.  
I thought it was amusing that he invited everyone we knew to go to church with him, but I had to invite myself.
I couldn't even order a pizza before I met him.  He "brought me out of my shell."
I burp and fart in front of him and he likes it.
I sometimes feel as if he is the only person who cares about what I have to say.
I watch her eat.
I squirm when she tickles me.
I can eat when she sleeps on me, but sometimes crumbs get in her hair.  (um. Ewwww)
I read her blog because it lets me hear her unfiltered opinion on everything we do.
I feed her alot because hunger means anger and headaches.
I spend as much time with her as i can because, what else would a boyfriend want to do?
I love her eyes.  Even when we are upset with each other, I still see those eyes that I loved when we were just friends. 
I play her songs, but not nearly often enough.
I watch her walk and I slow down to her pace. (I'm sorry I'm short, babycakes!)
I like thumb wrestling with her, she always wins. 
I listen to her, as well as I can.
I miss her when she drives away.
I call her my memory chip because I cant remember nothing for beans.
I chose to love her, and she makes me grateful for it everyday.
I worry sometimes, when she's not around, because I think if I'm not around her she's automatically in danger.

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