Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cait's Outfit - Birthday Edition

 Dress: Old Navy // Cardigan: Old Navy // Necklace: Kohl's // Shoes: (Not Pictured) DSW // Tiara: Christmas Gift // Glasses: Movie Theater

Okay, so first of all I wanted to point out a few things. 1). I never planned on doing outfit posts. I don't think I wear interesting outfits very often, but I just loved my birthday outfit and wanted to share it. 2). All pictures were taken by my boyfriend who is a photographer in training. He's getting better, but could use some work still. I probably should have cropped some of the pictures, but I didn't, so here we go!

I bought this dress and cardigan the other day because I fell in love with it and had to wear it on my birthday (I just had to!).  Personally, I'm not a big fan of dresses or skirts, but this one was so comfortable and just awesome. I would have worn my red pumps with this outfit, but my grandma doesn't like it when I wear them on the hardwood flooring, so I went shoeless for the day. If I had left the house, I would have worn those shoes.  I had the boyfriend paint my toenails red instead.

The tiara and glasses probably need a bit of explanation, if you haven't  heard the story already.  I had requested that my cousins bring over their tiaras because I wanted to take a ton of pictures and I thought it would be cool to act like we were princesses and have props and stuffs. I also found a couple pairs of 3D glasses and popped the lenses out.  The pictures turned out adorable. Especially because the glasses didn't fit Emily's face so she kept having to push them up and that was caught in the photographs quite often.

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