Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY: Chocolate Covered Goodness

The other day, I was CRAVING strawberries.  We had a batch that tasted phenomenally delicious and I could not get enough.  I had not eaten much that day, so I was starving after everyone went to bed. It was nearly midnight. Definitely too late to cook something, so I grabbed a cup of pudding and then saw the strawberries. AN AMAZING IDEA FORMED! I had to dip a few strawberries in the pudding. I just had to!

You Will Need:
  1. 1 pudding cup
  2. 1 spoon (for the pudding left over)
  3. A few strawberries
 First, take the lid off of the pudding cup!
Next, lick the excess pudding off of the lid, then throw it away. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! It's the best part of eating a pudding cup!
After you throw away the lid, pick one of your strawberries and dunk it in the pudding until it is covered sufficiently.
Now that the strawberry is covered in the pudding, promptly put it in  your mouth and devour!


These Chocolate Pudding Covered Strawberries were pretty easy to make and absolutely delicious!
So easy a caveman could do it! - Geico


Alivia said...

Ah what a great idea, haha! LOVE this.

Cait Monster said...

Thanks! It tasted kind of weird at first, but it was pretty good. :]