Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Week Back

Hey Guys! I started school on Monday, which explains why I've been MIA this week.  My schedule is crazy.  Morning and night classes, so I'm pretty much ALWAYS at school and when I'm not, you can find me curled up under the covers. IN BED.

This week was pretty stressful. Mainly because I wasn't used to the schedule and I was stressing over getting the necessary supplies by dates that I needed them. Now that this week is over, that worry can be laid to rest though, Thank God. 

Today, I want to share a few things about the first week.

1. Old Friends.  I didn't get to see any of my friends after I got back from Ohio until I went back to school, so it was nice being able to see everybody again.

2. New Friends. Naturally, I'm a pretty shy person, but after starting college about two years ago, I've become a bit more outgoing. I can actually talk to people. It's strange, mainly because I know how I am naturally.  I have at least one new friend in each one of my classes though! Usually, I wouldn't talk to people if I didn't have to.  Although, Erika kind of chose me as a friend...

3. Strange activities.  On the first day of class, my photography professor had us walk around campus blind folded for thirty minutes! At first, it was really strange, but after a while, you got used to it and it was really cool.  So many people asked us why we were blind folded while we were doing it. They just didn't understand, or they thought the idea was awesome.

4. Built in Exercise.  My school is built on a hill. That means I must climb up a bajillion stairs to get to my classrooms.  Do I really need to go to the gym after that? (Yes. Yes I do.)

5.  Art Supplies are Expensive. I spent $500 on art supplies in two days and I didn't even get everything that I needed.  Because of my crazy schedule, I had like zero time to go shopping in cheaper stores, so I was forced to buy what I needed for this week at Michael's.  I will probably be returning a few things that I didn't use and getting them elsewhere this weekend.

6.  Food.  I'm so used to food just always being there that I forgot how much stuff I should take to snack on while at school.I haven't seemed to bring enough yet.  My stomach keeps growling in class. No bueno.

7. Crowds.  Trying to park and buy something from the bookstore is RIDICULOUS during the first week of school. Luckily, I bought my books before school started this year. 

Well, there you have it! If you are in school too, I hope you haven't been wishing it were winter break already, like I have.  (I really don't want to be in school anymore, but maybe that feeling will wear off now that the school supply dilemma is resolved).

Have a wonderful 3-Day weekend guys!

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