Friday, August 10, 2012

Musical Findings: Mumford and Sons + Luke Bryan

I've heard it said that music taste comes from what your parents listen to because that's what you experience while you grow up.  Makes sense, right? Unless a person is completely rebellious and goes against this rule, I think so.

Between my two parents, they listen to EVERYTHING.  So do I.  My dad loves Rock, Metal, Ska, some Country, etc. My mom? She's a Christian/Country/Rock/Pop/Retro lady. Growing up, we usually listened to Country, sometimes a little rock.  A lot of 80's pop while cleaning the house (Pat Benatar and The Bangles, anyone?) Later, my aunt introduced me to "current" music, or what was current when I was in 6th Grade (Avril, Eminem, etc.)

After I moved back to California, I stopped listening to the radio, or when I did, it was Christian music because I was in either my grandma's or my aunt's car (a different aunt, who also has good music taste, but chooses to listen to Christian or little kid songs because her kids are 3 and 5). Anyways, I haven't listened to anything recent, in so long! I'm so out of the loop.

So, when I ran across multiple blogs mentioning Mumford and Sons and Luke Bryan, I had no idea who they were! Which I find silly because I really like them.

Here are some music videos of some of my favorite songs right now!

This song was written in memory of the shooting in Colorado.  It was written, recorded, and released the same day.  I'm a sucker for acoustic guitar and the voices and message are beautiful.

Now, help catch me up! Comment with links to songs that I should listen to!

Anddd don't forget that I listen to pretty much anything, so don't worry about what genre it is or anything.


Angie Mahoney said...

I just saw Luke Bryan last night in concert....gotta love that guy!

Luke Bryan said...

I love Luke Bryan ! He puts on an amazing show!!