Wednesday, August 8, 2012

California Adventures: Road Trip!

As you all should know by now, the boyfriend and I took a trip to visit his grandparents up in Northern California. They live about 4 hours away from us, so it was a relatively long, but not ridiculously long trip.  We only had to stop once each way! Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures.  Most of the pictures that I have were taken by the boyfriend.  I should have taken more, but...I was tired! and busy. Very busy listening to stories told by old, wise people. Yeah.

Day #1.  

I drove the entire way there, making this my longest drive EVER.  The boyfriend had to work the night before, so he didn't get much sleep.  I didn't mind though, I was having fun.  Even made some car buddies (cars that stuck close pretty much the entire way) and I pretended that I was in a Star Wars spaceship as I zoomed passed the Semi-Trucks.  Really, it was awesome.

When we finally got there, his grandma got us pizza and tacos for dinner. Can you say YUM? I love tacos! We were really tired from the drive, so we didn't stay very long.  We went to his aunt's house where we would be housesitting for the night.  They were in San Francisco, fishing. Like we traded places for the night or something.

ANYWAYS, her house....AMAZING.  It was pretty much my dream house. And oh her dogs! Lacey, the beagle was adorable Whitey was cute too.  At night, however, they did not stop barking.  It was ridic and we barely got any sleep.

Day #2.

We woke up, starving. Tried to call his grandma to see if we should go over for breakfast, but she didn't answer the phone, so we ended up eating at the Black Bear Diner.  It was SUPER CUTE!  We ordered wayyyyy too much food and I was on sugar overload.  After we ate as much as we could, we headed to the grandparents.

As soon as we get there, his grandma asks us if we want Chocolate.  I'm always up for chocolate! I had no idea what she meant.  We passed though because we were so full. The boyfriend fell asleep on the couch after not sleeping well the night before and his grandma told me all kinds of stories.  For someone who doesn't talk much, she sure did say a lot to me

She told me about her mom, and how she made her dresses and about her jobs as a cotton picker on her dad's farm and as a sitter in a nursing  home. She also worked in a factory.  Not sure what she made though.

FUNFACT: One of the people she watched at the nursing home was Ella Macy.  You know, Macy's Department store's founders' wife.  She wasn't sick or anything, just got scared at night.  She thought her curtains caught fire when the heater came on.  Also, she didn't believe in medicine, so they had to sneak it into her food.  She got better and went home, where their maid agreed to give her the medicine to keep Ella healthy.

After she finished telling me stories, everyone took a nap.  Then she made us her chocolate, which is like chocolate syrup for pancakes. Apparently, it's her specialty and it was DELICIOUS!

I had so much fun visiting the boyfriend's family! His grandma is adorable.  I also got to meet one of his many aunts and uncles.  We definitely need to go back soon so we can visit more!

It was time to go though, and the boyfriend drove home. We stopped once, pretty much so I could buy chocolate.  I was CRAVING chocolate for forever.  I ate so much chocolate that day...

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