Monday, August 6, 2012

What I've Been Up To - week 32

Monday: The boyfriend made chicken so we could feed some of our homeless friends.  We have taken them food before.  I made them spaghetti (really one of the only things I can cook).  They are always so appreciative! When we got back to his house, we went swimming and then watched the Olympics.
Tuesday: I was supposed to take pictures of a recording for boyfriend's mama, but they had technical difficulties, so that didn't happen. Ended up watching more Olympics and then we went to visit my Auntie!
Wednesday: My grandma made me pancakes and eggs for breakfast! I went to the park with my Auntie and cousins.  Then we went to the grocery store, where we got free cookies! After the grocery store, we went to Target because my cousin was going to get a Zhu Zhu Hamster.  I ended up watching the two girls while my aunt went to another grocery store. This was all before the boyfriend woke up! He works nights so he usually sleep until 2pm or so.  When he did finally wake up, we went to a gym to check out the place, but it was expensive to we went to the gym my aunt goes to and signed up for a membership there!
Thursday: The boyfriend and I went to the gym.  Then we went swimming.  Watched the Olympics and then came to my house and crashed on the couch. ...Until two little girls came over and started screaming outside to scare us.  I woke up to screaming and the boyfriend freaking out.  I love my little cousins. <3
Friday: was CRAZY busy! I went to the thrift store with my aunt because it was 50% off all clothing.  Unfortunately, I only found a skirt for me, but we found tons of cute clothes for my cousins.  Then we went to the cousins basketball class.  Ate lunch.  The boyfriend came over and then we went to the thrift store again because he needed shorts for our trip.  We went to his house and then to my cousins soccer class.  Ate tacos at my aunts and then went BACK to his house so he could get ready for work.  Went to my house and relaxed on the couch until he had to leave.  After he left, I packed for our trip.  Told you, CRAZY BUSY. 

Saturday: I droveeeee FOUR HOURS by myself.  The boyfriend had to work the night before so he was a bit too tired to drive.  Also, I enjoy driving.  When I pass semi trucks, I zoom ahead of them (if there's enough room) and pretend I'm in a Star Wars Ship going into hyperspeed. Then we got to the boyfriend's grandparent's house and sat with them for awhile. We were exhausted though so we went to his aunt's house to sleep not too much later. 

Sunday: We visited the Black Bear Diner for breakfast and then headed over to the boyfriend's grandparents' house again.  I had a lovely time.  We left around 6pm so we didn't get home too later.  MORE ABOUT THIS TRIP LATER THIS WEEK!
Next Week's To Do List
  • Gym
  • Olympics
  • Swimming
  • Beach With Aunt

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