Wednesday, September 26, 2012

California Adventures: San Francisco

Hey guys! First of all, I would like to point out that I'm guest posting over on Heather's blog today about why I chose to donate to her Relay For Life fund, so don't forget to check that out!


Last Friday, I headed to San Francisco (BYMYSELF!) for a photography class field trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I took a form of public transportation that we have here called BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) because driving to SF would be RIDICULOUS. Anyways, when I arrived, I wasn't exactly sure how to get to the museum, so I put the address in my phone and followed the directions, but the directions had me going WAYYYYY out of the way (plus, I'm terrible with maps) so I got lost. Once I found out where I should be going, it was all gravy from there.

I arrived at the museum RIGHTONTIME even though I had been in SF for like an hour and we took a tour through the Cindy Sherman gallery that was being advertised.  I got free postcards and then we left. I wasn't too happy with the art in this museum. Everything seemed too similar. I would have liked to see variety in the different art styles, not just in the mediums being used, but in the colors, concepts, etc. Seriously, most of the photography gallery was filled with photos of mountains. While some were cool and all, they needed other things.

After we were done looking through the museum, my friend and I went off in search for food. It was crazy because we would walk down a street, turn the corner and the same stores and restaurants that you just passed would be right there.  I don't even know how many Starbucks or 7-Elevens we passed, but it was ALOT.  Eventually, we decided on nachos and slurpees, which we ate on some steps we found outside.

A little while after we ate, my friend had to go home, so I was left alone with the crazy people who don't wait for walk signal to cross and the drivers who block the intersection because they don't think red lights apply to them. I ended up walking around the same couple of blocks that I had originally gotten lost in, so I was kind of familiar with the area already.  I took so many pictures of buildings, it's not even funny. I just love cool, old looking buildings like in The Palace photo below!

When I decided to go home, I gave a homeless man my last two dollars and got back on BART.  Overall, I had a wonderful trip and tons of fun.   If you ever get a chance, I would definitely recommend you visit it! It would be pretty difficult to see the whole thing in one day because it is such a big city, but even bits and pieces are really cool.

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