Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winner, WInner, Chicken Dinner

About a month ago, I won four giveaways in a row (not to brag or anything!) 

Usually, I enter giveaways just for the fun of it and I've found some awesome blogs by following them for entries, so I was incredibly surprised when people told me that I had one theirs!

#1. Sarah's 400 Follower Giveaway on Scissors and a Whisk.

Up for grabs: Three candles from Candleloupe, hair ties from Bloomzberry, and a set of four fall colored essie nail polishes from Sarah herself.

As much as I like candles, I didn't really have any use for them myself, especially because my grandpa is allergic.  I ended up giving them to a lady at my church, which is why they aren't pictured.  She adored them. :]

The hair ties are amazing! I am the type of person who constantly has a hair tie on her wrist so I love how they don't even look like hair ties, but more like bracelets. I use them ALL the time.  Someone even asked me about my "bracelet" today.  She was surprised when I told her it was actually a hair tie.

Also, the nail polish! I'm loving these colors.

#2. Adrian's Swag Bag Giveaway on Adrian Loves Owls.

Up for grabs: T-Strap Bracelet with stone by Samantha Patterson, Faux Fur Purse Accessory by Eye Thread, Star Necklace by Paulie Gibson Design, Earrings by Here on the Corner, and Knit Shawl by Shawl Dawls and a few other surprises.

Like Adrian, some of these items were just NOT my style, but some were pretty cool.  I really like the Star Necklace, the earrings, and the Knit Shawl (even though I'm finding it impossible to find clothes to wear with it!). The Faux Fur Purse Accessory is growing on me and I think I'm going to use it as a key chain. Maybe. I haven't really decided yet. But the T-Strap bracelet, I just don't understand why I would wear this, I guess.

The earrings are not pictures because I'm wearing them and the shawl isn't because it's all wrinkly (haha)

#3.  Angie's Swede Pick of the Day Giveaway on Swede Dreams

The giveaway was supposed to be a pair of earrings that I wasn't really too thrilled about, but Alejandra was a complete sweetheart and told me that I could choose anything in her shop that was of equal value. I had been searching for a pearl necklace for a LONG time and this one was perfect. I just had to have it.

#4. Shane's Scholarship Giveaway on Whispering Sweet Nothings

There were a couple of different winners for this giveaway.  I happened to be the winner of a $15 DSW Giftcard, which came in handy when I bought my new Madden Girl Preppie Boots the other day! I don't have them yet because I bought them online and have to wait for shipping, but when I get them, I will be sure to share pictures.

Also, after receiving all of these giveaway winnings, I sent out little Thank You notes to everyone I got a package from. :]

Thank you again!

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Way to go girl! That's awesome! You should go check out my sister at She's got two give aways going on right now I believe. :)

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