Tuesday, September 4, 2012

California Adventures: Santa Cruz

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, the boyfriend and I took a trip up the Santa Cruz mountains (hills).  In January, I had bought my Nikon and we went there only to find out that the camera I had JUST gotten was defective. We spent the day seeing pretty things and I couldn't photograph them, which was sad. Very sad.

We went one more time in March, but that was with friends.  I couldn't exactly ditch them to go stroll around town and take pictures of the pretty sights.  Instead, I stayed with the group and wished I could wander.

Ever since then, the boyfriend's car had not been working right and he was nervous about the drive.  Even though he promised to take me, he was reluctant because his car could break down an hour and a half from home. HOWEVER. I just got my car, so there was no more excuses for not going!
I'm pretty sure there was a sailing race.  We passed a race registration tent while walking in the harbor.
The sail boats are heading back to the harbor!
Man paddling on a surfboard was pretty awesome!
Our footprints in the sand
We are so cool, we walk on train tracks! The first time, it was because we were lost and it was the only way back to the boardwalk that we knew of.
Hidden little lake we found while walking on the tracks (although you can get to it from a street).
There were silkworms EVERYWHERE! We thought they were spiders at first.
Sunset coming down fro the hills. Pretty sure the boyfriend took this one, since I was driving during sunset.
 We had an AMAZING time and of course I would love to go back as soon as possible. I love Santa Cruz!

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