Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
I've read so many of these "It's OK Thursday" posts, but I've never  posted one of my own.  This week, I felt it was necessary to remind myself that some things are okay, even if they go wrong.  I hope all of your weeks are going wonderfully and remember, tomorrow is Friday!

It's OK... procrastinate on scheduled blog posts (I promise I will post my giveaway winnings soon!)

...that I'm awake at midnight when I have school in the morning. be behind in my Instagram PhotoADay Challenge hate "Page Cannot Load" messages.
...that I skipped the gym to go swimming and then didn't go swimming because the water felt like ice. only want to listen to Christian music lately. Everything else seems sex related and I'm just not cool with that right now.

...that I'm not going to have any time this weekend to do homework (Friday - San Francisco. Saturday - Baby Shower. Sunday - Football). be different than everybody else. have phrases that you say constantly ("No bueno" "That is not okay.")
...that I miss my parents. want nothing more than to be in his arms again.


SimplyHeather said...

Hey I noticed that you made a donation last night and I want to thank you so much for that!! It really made my night, like I couldn't even explain. I'm going to be making up little thank you cards and maybe some rubber band bracelets for the cause to send out to the people who donated. So if you want, just email me your address.

Also, do you have a blog button that I can put on my page? If not, I'll make you one. I'm not too great with graphic design and what not, but I'll make it cute, just send me the picture you want (:

and another thing, next week I'm giving the people who donated a chance to write up a post that I can put on my blog. And introduction really. The theme is to do with cancer. I thought this would be a good start off for my new sponsors and spread the word about relay some more. If you'd like to write something up - send me the HTML through email - I'm thinking maybe by Tuesday if that's okay?

Once again, thank you so very much!! <3


SimplyHeather said...

Oops! Just found your blog button (: