Friday, September 21, 2012

Pretty Amazing v.5

  • I'm taking public transportation today.  Okay so most people who know me know that I do NOT like public transportation.  People tend to creep me out, mainly the ones that look as if they have been doing drugs or drinking alcohol since they were 13, but still. I like to try to avoid public transportation at all costs (if you really want to know the whole backstory of my issues, just ask) ANYWAYS Because parking in San Francisco is ridiculous and it takes forever to drive there, I will be taking public transportation. By. Myself. Pretty amazing. 
  • Heather. I just met this awesome lady earlier this week.  Sunday, I think? Either way, all of her sponsorship money is going directly to charity to help fight cancer.  I love donating to charities and feeling like I'm helping the world out a little bit. Plus, you get ad space and other mystery gifts! Check it out!
  • I still can't get over how much better at art I've been becoming! Look at my second painting! It's a work in progress, but that green vase! <3
  • God's Not Dead - Newsboys. This song makes me wish I was able to connect my iPod to my car stereo (I don't even have a cassette dock, what the crap?).  I can just picture myself blasting it and rocking out to it on repeat I love it that much. Also, my three year old cousin loves it. How cute is that?

What have you been finding pretty amazing lately?

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