Friday, September 7, 2012

Pretty Amazing v.3

  • The Boyfriend. I always find him pretty amazing, but recently, he decided we didn't go on "real dates" enough anymore so he's taking me to dinner and a movie tonight. Cute, huh? We are going to see The Words, which is weird because we never go see Chick Flicks in theaters. It's always Action or Animated movies.
  • Homework is actually fun. WHAT!? How is that possible? Well, because all of my classes are art related, all I do is crafty things and it's awesome. Yesterday, I drew a lamp for no good reason and it looked pretty cool, which brings me to my next amazing point...
  • I can actually [kind of] draw.  It probably takes me a little while longer than most people, but in the end, I think I do okay.  With more practice, I will become awesome!
  • I don't completely dread the stairs anymore. If you don't already know, my school is built on a hill so there's like a bajillion hundred stairs that you have to climb to get to the top. Before this semester, I was spoiled and dropped off at the top of the hill starting in the middle of my first semester because I had fractured a metatarsal in my foot and couldn't exactly climb stairs on crutches. Anyways, now that I drive, I have to climb the stairs and it's really not so bad anymore. 
  • How disastrous my room ends up looking. If I don't stay on top of cleaning my room up, it looks like a tornado hit it. I am not even kidding. Clothes EVERYWHERE. And now art supplies are getting everywhere too since I have so many and I have to constantly take them out of my school bag and replace them with the next days things. Maybe I should do a quick clean up sometime today..
  • Community. I don't know if you have seen it or not, but it's a pretty good show. Though, not as good as Big Bang Theory. I've spent the past couple of nights catching up on Season Three because I stopped watching it for some reason. I'm about half way!

What have you found pretty amazing this week?

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Becca Acker said...

Drawing is fun! It doesn't matter how much time you take, everyone is different. :)

Happy to have found you and started following via the giveaway at The Jersey Flower.