Tuesday, October 9, 2012

High School Never Ends

I enjoy listening to this song because the truth in it is amusing to me. What isn't amusing, is when you experience high school mentality in your actual life. 

It started Fall 2010. I've sat at the same bench since then and have met some amazing people (mainly because I made the boy, who would later become my boyfriend, sit with me and he likes to talk to EVERYBODY whereas, I do not.) 

This semester has been a little different. New people have always come and joined our little group of friends, but the type of people that have been hanging around, just aren't my type of people. I'm not into hanging around those people who only talk about going off to get high or about how much alcohol they consumed at that awesome party on Friday night. That's just not me. 

The boyfriend has told me to go find a new place to sit because I'm always complaining about how annoying I find these people, but I still feel a tie to the people who I once considered good friends that I would be leaving behind. 

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has been considering leaving though and guys gossip just as much as girls do. Last week, two of my guy friends were talking about the exact same thing I've been thinking for weeks, which was both refreshing and disturbing. 

Since when has our group of friends become a clique? 

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