Monday, October 8, 2012

What I've Been Up To - Week 41

Monday: Due to my photography professor being in Oregon for a wedding, we had the day off.  I went to the boyfriend's house where we tried to go swimming, but despite the weather being extremely hot, the water was like ice and I felt like I was going to get hypothermia. In painting class that night, we watched our professor do a demo of how to do our fruit still lifes.

Tuesday: Worked on our pattern projects in 2D Design and watched Adam West Batman!  Finished our drapery drawings in Descriptive. Didn't do much else.

Wednesday: Processed film in photography and watched a documentary on Gregory Crewdson.  His photographs were cool looking, almost like a painting, but the content was a bit disturbing. During my break, the boyfriend and I went to the gym.  In painting, we started our fruit still lifes. 

Thursday: Finished pattern project in 2D. Started a new still life drawing in Descriptive.

Friday: At the boyfriend's house, we watched Big Bang Theory, Megamind, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He now has to work at 6pm, so we didn't get to do much else.  When he left, I picked up pizza for my grandparents and then went to the gym.  When I was walking home, I noticed my aunt was outside, so I stopped to talk to her so I got roped into watching the cousins.  I missed them though. We played veterinarian and watched Aristocat videos on youtube. :]

Saturday: My cousins woke me up at like noon and I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING. My grandma had been cleaning and had boxes of books that she was going to get rid of so I went through those.  I kept 43. Then I showered and the boyfriend came and kidnapped me because I didn't feel like driving to his house.  We went and sat by the lake for awhile, then we went grocery shopping. He bought me apple cider and overpriced chocolate covered pretzels from cute boy scouts and then we went to Walmart to buy the new Avengers movie.  When we got to his house, we ate a TON of food and watched Avengers and multiple episodes of Dr. Who. 

Sunday: Church.  Then we cleaned the boyfriend's kitchen. His mom has been busy lately so we decided to help her out.  After the dishes and counters were done, we watched football and ate food. I took a nap for like an hour or two. Didn't get any homework done like I planned, but oh well. :]
Next Week's To Do List
  • School 
  • Gym
  • No other plans as of right now.

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