Tuesday, January 1, 2013



I've definitely been one to push things off until the New Year started, and then forgot that I was going to start eating better, taking pictures for a 365 photo challenge, and reading the entire bible in a year by the time January first actually rolled around. But why do we have to wait until the new year to start things or start improving ourselves?

Maybe we don't think about it throughout the year because we are busy with work, school, taking care of the kids, etc so when that new year starts popping its head, we seriously take a look at what our life has become and evaluate it then, but then most of us don't even stick to our resolutions that we make.

I've seen so many people posting their resolutions on Facebook.
  • This year, I'm going to be more simple!
  • I'm going to become more healthy.
  • I'm going to start actually going to that gym that I pay for each month.
  • -insert whatever other generic resolutions people come up with here-
This year, unlike a majority of America, I won't be making a New Year's Resolution.  I guess you could say that my resolution is to not make one, but that's contradictory. I just want to focus on goals that I have already made and are important to me rather than pile on more that I'm making just because it's a new year. Besides, I would just forget them in a week anyways!

What is your take on New Year's Resolutions? Did you make any this year?

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