Monday, January 14, 2013

Life Lately: Week 2.

Another week has past! Does anybody else feel like they want time to fly by  really quickly? That way you can get things over with like, your wedding, having a baby, etc? Sometimes I wish that would happen, but then I think, "I would miss out on all of the exciting things I'm doing right now!" ...Even if they don't seem very exciting at the moment. Here's a few things that I did this week...

Our library has this program called Discover & Go.  Basically, you can "check out" passes to visit museums and other educational places.  The boyfriend has been wanting to take me to the zoo for awhile, but every time he plans it, the rain falls from the sky and if you read the post about Baker Beach, you would know that I hate walking in the rain.  Anyways, I decided to check the library to see what kind of passes they had, and they had one for the zoo! We went on Monday and had so much fun.  I especially liked watching the Gibbons.  They were adorable. 

On Saturday, we went to San Francisco.  We were GOING to go to the Disney Museum, but our directions took us to the other side of the city.  Since we took public transportation and didn't have a car, it was no longer an option.  Instead, we walked the streets and down the piers.  Eventually eating at Bubba Gump's.  I might make a post about this adventure later this week!

Aside from our exciting adventures, we spent most of the week sitting on the couch watching movies and Reba reruns.  Apparently, the boyfriend really likes that show.  I decided to watch it once while he was napping because there was nothing else on and now he suggests it all the time.  And as always, our week ended with watching football. ...I can hardly wait until after the Super Bowl. ;]

Have you done anything exciting lately?

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