Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie Review: Gangster Squad + Gun Control

I'm not one to watch movie previews before going to see it.  I just think knowing the storyline ruins it for me, so based on the title of this film, it was only natural for me to assume that it was about some gang full off black members and whatnot. Not to be racist or anything, but isn't that what we think of when we think of the term "Gangster"?

Then, one night, I decided to actually pay attention to the commercial that was advertising this movie.

Sean Penn? 

Emma Stone?


I just HAD to see this movie.

The boyfriend and I went the other day.  I didn't know what to expect.  When we went to see Seven Psychopaths, we walked out of the theater not even half way through.  It was NOT funny and completely gory.  I couldn't believe that people would actually want to watch that.  It was not what I had been expecting at all and it made me sick.

When Gangster Squad opens up with a guy being RIPPED IN HALF after being tied to two cars by Mickey Cohen and his cronies, I was worried.  Luckily, that was the only real gory part.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  Slightly predictable storyline, but that was okay.

What wasn't okay? How many guns appeared.  I guess I should have expected it since there is a gun appearance at least 30 times in the two and a half minute trailer alone! (I counted).

I've been seeing a lot of  controversial debates on the issue of gun control lately due to Obama's new attempt to "wage war against citizens" as someone so blatantly commented on an article I read on the subject.

To make this clear, Obama's mission is to ban all military-style assault weapons, enforce background checks for gun buyers, limit the amount of guns you can buy and overall KEEP HIS CITIZENS SAFE!

Do you honestly think he would be doing this just to make you angry? No. He's not telling you that you can't have your hunting rifle or anything like that.  What he is saying is, it's not necessary for there to be a machine gun in your living room!

I think the founding fathers who gave us this right in the first place would agree.

Personally, I'm tired of turning on the news and seeing headlines about another death.  This didn't just start with Newtown.  It's been happening forever and it will always happen, but can we at least try to keep as many people as we can safe?

Where do you think these people get their weapons from?  Probably a relative if they are underage. Where do you think they got the idea to murder people? Most likely the media.

As a culture, we are obsessed with murder, weapons, drugs, etc.  Look at Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, etc. all incredibly popular shows and ALL of them are based on murder.  Guns and drugs appear in the media all the time.  Glamorizing them. Convincing the viewers that they NEED to have them.

Drugs are always going to be an issue.  If we completely banned guns, that market would become drastically similar and possibly even more dangerous.  So that's obviously not the solution and it's not the President's solution.

I understand that this topic is highly controversial.  I needed to throw some common sense into this controversy.

I believe that as a culture, we need to take a real hard look at what we tolerate and what are children are exposed to.

I'm through. 

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