Friday, January 18, 2013

Pretty Amazing v. 13

It's that time of the week again! You know...when I bombard you with things that I find to be amazing? Yeah. that time. I think I have some pretty cool stuff for you today though!

Two Girls and a Puppy. After a family of five kids lost their dog to cancer, they wanted a new puppy, but their parents were "reluctant." They saw a photo on Facebook from a boy that he could get a puppy if he got ten likes.  The two girls showed their parents who agreed to the idea, but the catch: They had to get ONEMILLION likes.  The parents didn't think they could do it, but it only took them about 13 hours! Way to go girls. That's amazing.  I hope you like your new puppy.

Also, the story was on Good Morning America. :]

  Sorry for the awkward video, I couldn't find a better one. :/

Rima and Her Breast Biopsy Patient.  Do you remember seeing Rima last week when I featured her new segment?  Well, she told me a pretty amazing "on the job" story.  According to Rima, she had to assist in a breast biopsy.  The nervous female patient had a lump on her left breast. (Wouldn't you be pretty nervous? I know I would be!) Before doing anything, the doctor always looks at previous ultrasounds and mammograms and compares them to the new ultrasound. He spent 45 minutes trying to find the lump, but miraculously, it had SHRUNK! That's pretty awesome.

My Uncle and His Cancer Scare.  My uncle's mom had colon cancer a few years ago and about a week before Christmas, my uncle was worried that he had it.  He has been going in for tests ever since.  Luckily, he has a nice job and excellent insurance.  He went in for some more tests today and HE DOESN'T HAVE CANCER! He is going to be just fine.  I'm so happy.  It would have been a really scary thing for him, my aunt, and our family to go through.

Appsfire.  Do you like deals? Yeah, me too.  This iPhone app not only lists awesome FREE apps, but it also shows you apps that are discounted.  I got Camera+ for 99 cents the other day! (it's still on sale, btw.) Even if you don't keep the app, it's free and worth browsing.

What have you been finding Pretty Amazing? I would love if this weekly post became interactive, meaning my readers submitted things they found amazing. Pictures, stories, etc. Anything you want! Just add your submissions to the comment section and hopefully you will see them in the post next week!

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