Monday, February 11, 2013

Life Lately; Week 6

Busy week has been busy...and exhausting. I think I'm STILL catching up on sleep from Friday and I've slept for at least 10 hours everyday since, but I'll tell you all about that a little later.

Obviously, I went to school from Monday-Thursday.  It was the second week and we got our first assignments.  For digital photography, we have to make pictures that represent the word "Path." Black and white- bracket our film, which means we underexpose and overexpose our pictures as well as make a good exposure.  Then, in photoshop, we have to edit an old "broken " picture.  If the picture has tears, scratches, dust, etc, we have to edit it out. 

Tuesday was my great aunt's funeral.  There was not very many people, maybe about fifty? But there was TONS of food.  Like, I don't know how those people brought all that food, tons. When I left, there was over half of the food still there! I stole a box of cookies to share with my friend.  We left them on the table outside of the darkroom since we aren't allowed to bring food in and I forgot about them.  No idea what happened to them after that.

On Thursday, after class, I stayed at my friend's house waiting for the boyfriend to get off work (at 2am.)  We roadtripped all the way to Bakersfield. About a 4 hour drive.  He had to take a test so he can try to get a job at the local energy company, but they didn't have any that were anywhere close to us.  This road trip is why I've been exhausted all weekend.

The boyfriend and I planned to eat dinner with his sister on Saturday, so after returning our rental car, we drove to San Francisco.  We stopped at the beach because we were early and walked along the shore.  Eventually, his sister and brother-in-law came too. When we got tired and hungry, we went back tot he house and watched TV while eating yummy enchiladas and other mexican-ness.

Yesterday had been declared as a lazy day, but apparently, I can't be lazy by myself.  Instead of laying in bed sleeping like I wanted to, I took pictures of my cousins for my film project, went to the grocery store with my aunt and tried to catch up on homework. 

Also, Sorry for the lack of pictures! I will try harder next week to take more.  

TV SHOWS: 2 Broke Girls. Pretty Little Liars. Big Bang Theory.
MOVIES: Toy Story (kind of. Fell asleep)

What have you been up to lately?

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