Monday, September 9, 2013

Blogtember: ISFJ IN THE HOUSE!

For Blogtember today, Jenni asked us to take a personality test and blog about the results.

I'm pretty sure I took a similar test and got the same result: ISFJ.  Was I surprised? Not at all because this personality type describes perfectly.

Here are some attributes of an ISFJ:

ISFJ's have good memories.
 I find this one amusing because for about the first year that I knew my boyfriend, he called me his memory chip.  I saw him practically everyday and eventually met everyone that he talked to.  He can't remember names to save his life though.  He didn't know mine for five weeks.  How we became such good friends, I have no idea.  I was ALWAYS reminding him of people's names.  I'm just that type of person who pays attention during roll call so I know everyone, even if I have never talked to them before.  It's just nice to have names to put to a face. 

ISFJ's have a few, close friends.
I have always been envious of those people who are friends with everybody, but at the same time, I'm happy with the people I do call my friends.  I'm not sure if our relationships would be as good if I had to focus on more people.  I guess that's why most of the friendships of those with a lot of friends are superficial.
ISFJ's desire to serve others.
I think this plays into their need to be needed as well.  I would rather help someone than complain about my own problems.  I enjoy helping others and I'm always here for those who need someone to talk to, even if all I can do is listen.

ISFJ's are horrible at delegating.
"If you want something done right, do it yourself."  Occasionally, I will ask someone to do something for me, but then I end up saying "Nevermind. You aren't doing it right.  I'll do it." It's to the point where my dad once said I was going to need to build my own house, but he wouldn't do it for me, even though that's what he does.  I know I should ask for help, but it's hard trusting people to do things the way I see them done in my head.  My future wedding is going to be so stressful to me in this regard. 
Source Unknown

ISFJ's want credit, but think it's wrong to want it.
 Can you say confusing? It really is.  Just imagine being this way.  I like getting rewards, pats on the backs and great jobs! But I feel like it should be genuine, from the person's heart.  Otherwise, I would be fishing for compliments, right?

Did you know that St. Teresa of Avila, Queen Elizabeth II of England and Kristi Yamaguchi are also ISFJ's?

 Which personality type are you?

How accurate were your results?

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Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

We're twins yo, but I unfortunately do NOT have a very good name recalling memory.