Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blogtember: Let's Go Shopping!

Hey everyone! I have two awesome online shops that I am currently obsessed with to share with you today as part of Blogtember!  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Bugs and Monsters

I actually met the owner of this shop on Friday during an Art Walk.  Naturally, I was attracted to her name.  I have an obsession with monsters. Then, I saw this.
I am dinosaur obsessed, and the print was only $5 at the booth, so I bought it.  Then, while her boyfriend was processing my order, I saw a cute little mustache pin on the table for $5 and had to get that as well. THEN I saw a sign saying that her mustache totes were $4 with a $10 purchase, so I got one of those too.   Her etsy shop only has hand painted mugs, which are equally adorable, but you can see her other creations on Flickr




The other day, I was reading news articles related to photography and I stumbled across one that listed some of the weirdest things that are made for photography.  I don't remember where that article is, but They were pretty much all PhotoJoJo products. 

Then, I went on the PhotoJoJo website and scrolled through all of their products.  Can you say Christmas List?

Here are a few things that I would want.

USB Film Roll
 Just because they are amazing.   I wish we were given a choice between which film canister we wanted, because I'm pretty partial to Kodak Tri-X, the yellow one.  Any of them will do though!
Lens Cap Strap Holder
THIS! is genius.  I haven't permanently lost any lens caps yet. -knock on wood-  I tend to shove them in my pocket or my camera bag.  Having a special place to put it would be amazing.  This is one of my must haves from their store.

Camera Dial Laptop Decal
Ever since I got a MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago, I've been looking for awesome ways to personalize it.  I swear everybody's laptop at school looks the same.  When I came across this guy, I knew I wanted it immediately.  In Nikon of course.  Canon's confuse me.  Then again, I said that about Mac's...

Lens Bracelets
I actually saw a girl with these bracelets on the first day of school.  I am in love with them and need them.  I want the Nikon and Original Sets.  The Canon Set is cool too, but I can live without.

What are some of your favorite shops I need to know about?


Angel said...

I LOVE the canister flash drives!!

Alyson said...

I love all of the different photography related things! I may have to buy myself an ipad now;)

Thanks for sharing!


Jamie said...

Those coffee mugs are so cute!

Sarah S. said...

I really need that Lens Cap Strap Holder! Didn't know there was something so brilliant that exists.