Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogtember: MacBook Pro Review

The laptop that I given as a graduation present in 2010 finally went kaputz in May, right after school was over for the summer.

I planned to be laptop free for about a month, simply because I felt that I used it wayyyy too often and I just wanted to unplug for awhile, but then those four weeks turned into another four weeks and then another four weeks. That meant I was laptop-less all summer!

It was never from lack of trying though!  I would go into electronic stores and look at the rows and rows of laptops and their prices and get so overwhelmed.  After awhile, I gave up and had to admit that I know nothing about buying computers and had to ask my computer enginneer of an uncle for help.

Unfortunately, he was under a LOT of stress all summer with his job and the remodelling they are doing to their house.  He ended up getting me a Dell and I was less than pleased.  When he told me what he decided on, I was a little disappointed, but I tried to be optimistic.  Even though the Dell wasn't what I pictured, it would be okay!

But it wasn't.  As soon as I opened the box, I started picking it apart.  It doesn't have this or that!  That day, I decided I was getting a Mac, even though they confused me to bits.  Nearly 90% of my school's population uses a Mac.  I would get used to it eventually.
I went to the Apple store nearby in between classes because they were having a back to school sale and I needed a laptop RIGHT THEN.

I have always heard that Apple stores are crowded and "good luck getting any assistance."  That was definitely not the case in my situation!  As soon as I walked in the store, a friendly man asked me if he could help me and then showed me my choices.  He gave me time to look at them, even though I had done some research before hand, even though I kind of already knew what I wanted.

Then, a different guy noticed I had been looking around for a few minutes and he asked if I wanted any help.  I just pointed to something and told him, "I want that one!"  He helped me set everything up and I was out of the store in not even half an hour!

How's that for great customer service?

I was super confused the first couple of days, but after messing around with the laptop, I realized that Macs are not nearly as confusing as I thought they were and I now like them even better than windows computers!

Things I love about Macs:
  • Macs have super cool features, such what I call the exploding hand motion, which brings up all of your apps and then makes them disappear.  I'm not sure what that is really called, but yeah. 
  • The Calendar.  I love that the Mac comes with a Calendar that is exactly like the iPhone/iPod Touch calendar.  Windows computers don't come with cool calendars!
  • Dictionary app.  I use this app ALL the time.  It's nice to not have to bookmark the dictionary website anymore. 
  • Software Installation Times.  Windows computers take FOREVER to install software.  Macs install software in a snap.   It's like, drag, drop, BOOM NEW PROGRAM!
  • Freebies! I was given an iTunes giftcard when I bought my Mac!
Things I'm not very fond of:
  • The price. This is obvious.  Why are Macs so expensive?
  • Macs don't have number keypads.  I don't like typing numbers with the row above the letters, but I'll get over it.
  • Everyone's laptop looks the same.  I feel like I'm in the Apple cult when I pull out my Mac.  I really want to find or make some cool stickers or decals to decorate and personalize mine.
  • I can't think of a name.  I'm the weird type of person who names all of their things.  My last laptops name was Preston.  May he rest in piece.  I haven't been able to figure out a name for the Mac yet.
  • Freebies! Whenever I try to use a giftcard, I get overwhelmed with all of the options. I want to get my money's worth and things that I will use/like.  
Overall, I'm really glad I went with the MacBook option.  I'm sure it will last me YEARS, especially since I got applecare so I won't even have to worry about it breaking for at least three years.

Do you own a MacBook?

What do you think I should get with my giftcard?


C. Hawkins said...

I love my little Mac Pro :) New follower!

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Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I almost got the Mac Book Pro, but couldn't justify the cost... =/ Now I'm on the hunt for an all in one computer!