Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogtember: Reliving Memories

Today, for Blogtember, we are talking about memories that we would want to relive.

I had a hard time choosing a memory for this.

I was leaning toward the  option of some type of injury, just because memories of my childhood injuries have faded into stories that people tell me every once in awhile, but then I thought that would be a little creepy.  I'm definitely not sadistic, I promise.

So, you have been saved from details of me slicing my finger open when I was three and shoving barbie soap up my nose when I was five.

Instead, we are going the cheesy route.

The memory that I would want to relive the most would be the day that I met my boyfriend.


I had just started college, maybe I month ago and even though I'm a complete introvert, I managed to make some friends.  On this particular day, I was sitting with my friend Liz and one of her friends while they waited for their class to start.

We were talking, about who knows what now, when Liz noticed this guy going to sit near us and called him over.  Apparently, they were in the same class. 

He came over and sat with us and they talked for a while.

Then, Liz and her friend left to go get lunch. 

That was when things got awkward.

I didn't even know this guy and Liz left me alone with him! How could she do that to me?

Should I leave? No, that would be rude. 

Then, he started asking me a million questions, interrogating me.

Do you have a job?
What do you like to do?
Oh, you read? What kind of books?
Everything? Like Romance novels?

Even though I despise talking to people I don't know, I managed to answer his questions, but I couldn't help but question his sanity.  Who interrogates random people like that?

Liz never did come back and he left to go to class after what seemed like an eternity.  

I had never seen that guy before, but after that day, I saw him EVERYWHERE.

This memory, the first day I met my boyfriend, is such an important memory for me.  We have been friends for almost three years now, and dating for nearly two.  If Liz hadn't told the guy to come sit with us, I probably wouldn't know the amazing, handsome man that I now call my boyfriend.

I would want to relive this memory to make this important day clearer in my mind.  I remember a lot of what happened, but I wish I knew everything.  I want to know the exact questions that he asked, what I said, what we were wearing, everything. 

Instead, I only remember blushing (a lot!) and staring at the table, not wanting to look at him while I told him my life story. 

What are some of the memories that you would want to relive?

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Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

Aw, I think it's so fun how people meet in such random ways!