Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogtember: Where I Come From

...It's cornbread and chicken.

Sorry, not sorry. I had to.

 Me, I'm a California girl.  I was born here and lived here until I was eleven. I love everything related to the beach and the ocean.  Also, I'm the type of person that loves wearing flip flops all year around. I prefer heat over cold and rain over snow (it does snow in Northern California, but not where I live.)

California has everything you could ever want, mountains, big cities, small towns, DISNEYLAND, beaches.  Not to mention it's beautiful.  Plus, the diversity allows you to experience other cultures in a way that predominately Caucasian middle America doesn't.

Even though I do feel like I belong in California, my family moved to Ohio when I was in sixth grade.  I spent my impressionable teenage years in the country away from gang violence, hard drugs, and repetitive stabbings (I'm sure they were there, I was just naive and didn't notice.  These things are much more open in California).

I didn't attend high school in California, but I've heard enough of stories to last a lifetime.  I'm really glad I went to a high school where I didn't fear for my life everyday I stepped onto campus.

Ohio is also much simpler than California is.  My aunt has two daughters.  One is six and the other four.  She is constantly struggling with the decision of where to send her kids to school.  In Ohio, you didn't get a choice, you just went to school, unless you were catholic, then you could go to the Catholic school up until you were in 9th grade.

Also, Ohio has it's own beauty.  When I see pictures of farms and the countryside, I can't help but miss Ohio.  That was my favorite part, besides my family of course. 

I really appreciate where I grew up because it shaped who I am today.  Who knows what I would be like if I finished growing up here in California.

How did where you grew up shape who you are?

**This post was written as a part of Story of My Life's Blogtember

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