Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Take a Selfie: An Instructable

A few weeks ago, I had to make a portfolio website that showcases all of my digital media art projects that I've done this semester as well as document another project that I was currently doing in ten pages.  You can see that here. Just click Document to read about me documenting myself taking a selfie.

Throughout the pages, I go through different steps that one should take before taking a selfie.  Hair.  Makeup.  Clothes.  Etc. Then, at the very end, I included a quick Instructable with pretty much the same content. 

It was pretty amazing though because I posted the Instructable Sunday night and when it was time for me to present, I had over 1000 views!  I didn't expect anyone to see it at all. 

I ended up on the popular page of the Instructables website and kept gaining more and more views.  It has seemed to level out around 3,300, but that is still pretty impressive in my book! Definitely got more views than this blog!
I even got a few comments!  But for some reason they disappeared on the Instructable website.  A common problem, apparently!  Luckily, I still have the emails.  They seemed to revolve around my duckface selfie though.  I only included that picture because I thought it would be funny.
 "so I saw my cousin doing almost the same thing. And I was wondering. For every set of pictures, how many require duck lips? And why duck lips? I think there might be a few other people wanting to know the same. Good instructable tho."
"I don't see any duck lips in this instructable. I have never seen a duck that had lips (I have seen many ducks).  As mentioned in the instructable, appearance is important. I hope many people see that being mentioned. I further hope than many people will take that to heart soon.  Thanks to caitmonstro for taking the time to post this one."
"Step 5, example of duck lips. And people call them duck lips because the lips of the person mimic that of a duck bill. still good instructable tho."
"rule #1: don't take selfies"
I had intended for this Instructable to be completely humorous, so it's interesting to see how other people, who hadn't heard me talk about it reacted to it.  My favorite comment is the second one that I received.  Comments #1 and #3 were from the same person. 

Another interesting thing I noticed:  When I tried to talk about this project, it got really confusing. For example:  I had to document a project I was doing, related to new media, so I documented myself getting ready to take selfies by taking pictures of myself to put together a tutorial about How to Take a Selfie. 

Woo!  -wipes sweat off brow-

Also, it's really weird for me to to see that many pictures of myself on one website.

To view the Instructable, search selfie in the search bar!  It's the first one!

Or, you can just click here.

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Vashti Q-Vega said...

Hello Caitlyn! What an adorable post! I ran across your blog on the "Fun Friday Blog Hop". I'm glad I did! I'm following you via Bloglovin'. Have a great weekend!