Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Labeling Maps

Can you fill out a blank United States map correctly, on your first try? Without cheating?

I came across this buzzfeed list that had a bunch of United States maps that British people were asked to fill in.  They were pretty hilarious.

My favorites were when they would label Alaska as Hawaii.  Forgive us Americans for being dumb and putting one of our states in the wrong place on our maps!

Or the one where they didn't get anything right and started using famous American cities to replace states they didn't know.  Las Vegas is in Montana, guys! And isn't LA supposed to be near an ocean?  Pretty sure I've seen beaches around it before.  Maybe I'm wrong. 
I showed the list to some people in one of my classes and we had a great laugh.  Then some people tried to draw out the United States and try for themselves.  There results were not much better, which brings me to the next list that I found where people are asked to draw the United States from memory.

I didn't know our borders were so decorative! Is Alabama a cloud? At least they got the gist of where some states were located. 

This wouldn't be fair without me trying my hand at labeling a few maps. I did both the Europe and United States map because I wanted to prove to myself that I knew where all of the states were and it only seemed right to do a map that I didn't know very well. 

For being directionally challenged, I think I did pretty well!

Overall, we just have too many states.  It's not the Brits' fault they can't remember all of them!

Do you think you could fill in the entire map?


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Donna said...

A friend and I went through a phase in university where we were addicted to Sprocle and worked on naming all the states...and then all the countries in the world. We got pretty good at it after a couple of weeks but I don't think I could label them on a map! I'm thankful Canada only has 13 provinces/territories to remember!

Angel said...

I just did the by memory one!! I thought it was super funny!

Journeys of The Zoo said...

I have a degree in Geography and I'd be lucky enough to name and label all the Canadian provinces/territories. I'm good for about 10 States. You're right, you have far too many. Fun exercise all the same.

I’m a follower of yours on Bloglovin. Thanks for linking up to this weeks Bloglovin Hop ( I hope that you find some new followers.

Besos, Sarah
Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

Tenns Reid said...

This is such a funny idea! I'm sure most Americans can't even complete the map any better than non-Americans. I'd be good for most of the southern states, but up North and in the midwest....not at all. Thing is that I loved Geography in school.

Tenns @ New Mama Diaries