Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days: Favorite Christmas Movie

I hadn't been to the movie theater in years, but one day, my ex-grandfather decided to take my family to see Elf because we were "good" at his sister's house during our Christmas visit.  I don't remember much about that visit.  But I do remember the puppy chow, or muddy buddy mix.  The chex cereal covered in chocolate and powder sugar.  Whatever you call it.  That was the first time I ever ate puppy chow and I remember my brother, sister and I pretended we were puppies while eating it.  Not actual puppies or we wouldn't have gotten to see elf!  The theater was a surprise incentive though.  We were just well behaved children!

I don't really remember being in the theater watching Elf either.  I just know it happened.  I watched the movie every once in awhile after that.  Until I started working at Blockbuster, that is.  We got to choose "family" movies to play in the store while we worked.  Usually, the latest new releases were played.  When I go to choose, you could probably hear Finding Nemo.  I often deflected my choice onto other people though.  I'm horribly indecisive.

For some reason, Elf was a popular Christmas choice.   I probably heard it hundreds of times in one month.  I'm not a fan of repetition, so this turned me off from the movie entirely and I haven't seen it since.  It has probably been about two years now.

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