Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 Days: Most Memorable Gift

I can't think of a best or worst gift, so instead, I'm going to tell you about my most memorable gift!

Let me take you back to Christmas 2010.

My boyfriend and I were not together yet, but we have been friends for about three months. 

I had let him borrow some of my Harry Potter books and he wanted to return them over break.  I told him to bring them over to my house.  I remember being really excited and nervous because I had never really had anyone come over to my house while living at my grandparents' before.

So, after being a girl and trying to decide what to wear and what we will talk about and everything else you could possibly think of planning, he gets to my house.  My grandma opens the door and calls for me to tell me he was here.  I go to greet him and he shoves the books in my hand, with two bracelets on top, tells me to have a good Christmas and leaves.

I remember going onto Gaia* and talking to one of my friends in her charity forum about it.  I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Me: What does it mean?
Her: He definitely likes you.
Me: It's just a bracelet!
Her: Why would he give you a bracelet if he didn't like you?
Me:  I don't know!  That's why I'm so confused right now.
Her: Maybe it is just a bracelet.  

I absolutely loved one of those bracelets that he gave me.  It had translucent baby pink beads and went with everything!  I wore it everyday until it fell off my arm and shattered when I jumped off a wall.  I still have some of the beads, but I can't wear it anymore.

For my birthday, two years ago, he got me a similar bracelet, with green beads as a replacement, but I can't find that one.  I think I may have left it in Ohio. :/

It turns out that his sister brought the bracelets home from her missionary trip in China and was giving them away so he gave me some.  No reason behind it, just wanted to get rid of some bracelets. 

In typical girl fashion, I read too much into it.  But I definitely liked him at the time!  I just didn't tell him that until June.

*If you want to know more about my Gaia life, let me know.  It's not that interesting and I suggest not joining.
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Noor said...

This is such a cute story . Hah , if I were you , I would have thought the same . But firstly , I am sure my crush would never ever gift me anything!

Noor | Noor's Place