Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days: The North Pole

In my version of the North Pole, a blanket of fresh snow covers the ground.  It is pristine and is never anything other than sugary white.  Reindeer frolic through the acres of pine trees that cover the land.  In the middle of town, is the largest tree.  It is covered in ornaments, garland and lights.

Tiny elves scurry about, eager to work on their projects and finish before Christmas comes again.  Some are in the "Factory" which houses work benches and little tools, perfect for the elves tiny hands.  They slave away, making toys for the good little boys and girls.  They can be heard singing Christmas carols and telling stories about their favorite Christmases to pass the time. 

Other elves can be found in the kitchen with Mrs. Claus, baking delicious Christmas cookies.  Santa has collected every cookie recipe from around the world and they are all hidden away in her battered cookbook, that rests next to her oven.  Santa's favorite cookie is Mrs. Claus's specialty, chocolate chip.  That page is stained with dough and is barely legible, but Mrs. Claus knows it by heart.

You can find Santa either in his den next to a cozy fire, sipping on eggnog, or out in the sleigh garage, getting ready for his big trip.   His list isn't the only thing that needs to be checked and double checked.  Regular maintenance on his sleigh is important for safe and timely travel!

Just in case you didn't think that was Christmas-y enough, every year, just before Santa departs, there is a huge party.  All of the elves trade in their work clothes for ugly Christmas sweaters.  The reindeer tell the story of Rudolph and the infamous foggy Christmas.  The snowmen dance around with magic in their hats.  Did I mention the parade that leads to the sleigh runway so everyone can watch as Santa takes off for his yearly trip around the world?

The North Pole is a great, magical place.

What do you think the North Pole looks like?

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