Friday, December 6, 2013

Bucket List: Winter Break Edition

Lately, I've been putting the finishing touches on final projects and counting down the days until Winter Break.  The semester has seemed so short, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't glad it's over.  We all need a break sometime.  My days need to transition from worrying about homework to whether or not I should change out of pajamas.  Am I right?

I don't want all of my Winter Break to be lazy days in bed and bubble baths though!  Some days need to be productive.  This Winter Break Bucket List is a few things that I would like to accomplish before I go back to school for the Spring semester at the end of January.

  • Christmas in the Park - I've been wanting to go to to this for a few years now.  I've never been, so I don't really know what to expect, but I have visions of sipping hot chocolate, fake snow, and a place where children can sit on Santa's lap.  This year, there will be a Star Wars day.  Star Wars characters will be walking around so you can take pictures with them.  It would be pretty cool to go then.
  • Hunger Games - After my boyfriend went through a Hunger Games phase and read all of the books, I decided that I needed to as well.  I'm on the first book still, but hopefully break will give me to some time to finish them.
  • Fight Club - Speaking of books left unfinished...  I've been reading Fight Club since the beginning of Fall Semester.  Pretty sure I've read the same chapter twenty times now.  I need to finish this and give it back to my friend.  Then watch the movie, since I've never seen it.
  • Hit the Gym - It was really difficult for me to find time for the gym while I was in school.  I am determined to make this happen over break.
  • Visit the Snow - I'm not going to lie, after living in Ohio for seven years, I despise the snow.  But only certain parts of California have snow.  I don't live in those places.  My aunt's family goes sledding every Christmas Eve.  Maybe I'll tag along with them this year or take a road trip of my own with some friends.
  • Bake Cookies - What is Christmas without cookies!?  Baking is definitely something that I find relaxing.  The idea of it, not so much.  I stress myself out thinking about baking and cooking, but I actually enjoy it once I get into it. I'll probably go simple and stick to my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. 
  • Clean Room - This is probably on all of my goals and bucket list lists.  The fact is, I hate putting clothes away and this makes my room look like a disaster struck within my walls.  We need to fix this problem eventually.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • Christmas Lights - I've mentioned to a few people that I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with Christmas Light displays.  I really want to go out one night (or a bunch of nights) and take pictures of houses that I find with awesome Christmas Lights.  Sounds kind of creepy, but I'm an artist, so it's okay!
I'm probably missing a ton of things that I want to accomplish over break, but that's okay! At least I have a starting point.

 What are your goals for this Winter?


Donna said...

I love the HG books! I read all three in a matter of days, they were SO good! It sounds like you have a lot of fun planned for your winter break!

Miranda Pridgeon said...

What a great list! They have a Christmas in the Park deal here where I live and we are going tomorrow night! I don't think they have Star Wars characters though. That makes it 1000x more epic. My husband and I would take pictures with all of them!
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