Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Valentine's Day! In San Francisco.

I'm sure you are all tired of hearing about Valentine's Day, but I have a ton of pictures to share with you, so you are going to have to get over it! 

The boyfriend wouldn't tell me any of the plans, except that we were going to go to the beach until the day of.  He says he didn't want the plans to fail, but I think it's because he thought I would turn my control freak on and hijack the special day.  Which, probably would have happened.

He told me I had to wake up early, which wasn't much of a problem since I've been doing that anyways.  We went to the gym and made our ab muscles all sore.  At least, I did.  Those muscles have been screaming at me with pain at even the slightest breath all weekend.  But you know what?  I couldn't be any happier about that!  

After we went to the gym and showered and got all fancy, the boyfriend took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Sweet Tomatoes.  It's a soup and salad bar.  I'm not really a soup fan, but all of those vegetables I get to choose from, OMG.  And their sourdough bread! <3  I'm pretty sure he only wanted to go there because they were serving Red Velvet Lava Cake all day, but I was not going to complain! 

After lunch, we headed to the city aka. San Francisco because when he gave me a few options, naturally,  I chose to go to the beach.  He had me ask Kathryn if she wanted to come with us because he didn't think she should be alone on Valentine's day, which I think was super sweet.  Unfortunately, she already had plans.  That would be around the time when he started singing Single Ladies by BeyoncĂ©.  My boyfriend is a weirdo. <3

We were planning on going to Ocean Beach, where we went the first day he asked me to be his girlfriend and were we shared our first kiss, but despite the fact that we have been there many times, we got a little lost and ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge.  I asked him to stop since we were already right there and he was more than happy to oblige.  I thought it was interesting how the fog was settled on top of the bridge, making it nearly impossible to see portions of it. 

Instead of going to Ocean Beach right away, first we stopped at Baker Beach.  I still can't get over how beautiful the fog was.  Who knew something so gloomy could be so beautiful?   We thought about walking closer to the bridge and we were on our way there, but then we remembered that Baker Beach was a nude beach when we saw a naked guy so we turned back and headed to our original destination.
We made a few stops along the way, but eventually we made it.  We never actually went onto the beach though because when we got there, it was basically covered in a cloud.  The fog was so dense that we couldn't even see the water.  The people who were walking on the beach, were gray blobs.  

We sat in the car, listening to the radio and shazam'd the songs that we liked. We took selfies together.  And then I decided to get out and take pictures of the fog.  I just love the way they turned out.  I also figured out that fog is a fantastic backdrop for portraits. 
We eventually got tired of the fog and moved to Rockaway Beach in Pacifica.  There was no fog and the waves were bigger than any waves I have ever seen at a San Francisco beach.  People were surfing and the sun was beginning to set.  The colors of the sky.  OMG.  They were perfect.  Beautiful.  The absolute, best way to end a day.

On the way home, we decided to get pizza for dinner and I suggested we ask my bestie to go with us.  She was reluctant at first claiming that we should be alone on Valentine's Day, but we insisted.  That's when the boyfriend started to sing Single Ladies again. 

I'm really glad I got to spend such an amazing day with the love of my life.  We got to experience the beauty of San Francisco beaches, even in strange weather.  And we got to be with my best friend at the end of the day. The day was perfect.  I'm glad he didn't let me hijack the day and let me become a control freak. :]

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