Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TBT: Valentine's Day 2012

This picture was taken three months after our first VDay. We suck at taking pictures together.  ahaha
I never really had anyone to spend Valentine's Day with until three years ago. I had a few boyfriends before my current, but they were never around Valentine's Day orrrrr the guy decided to break up with me around that time -coughDylancough- I swear, I'm not bitter.  

When we celebrated our first Valentine's Day s a couple, the boyfriend and I had been together for about three months. He was taking a speech class, the last class he needed to get his AA degree, so he was in the Speech Lab writing one of his assignments, waiting for me to get out of class. He always gave me a ride home because I didn't have my license or a car then. 

When I found him, he handed me a piece of chocolate that had a chipmunk cartoon on it and said "Happy Valentine's Day!"  I didn't expect anything from him, so I thought the chipmunk chocolate was all there was.

On the way to the door of my grandparents house, he handed me a tiny piece of paper.  I don't know if he told me not to open it or if I thought it was garbage, but I just held it in my hand for the longest time. 
 When I walked inside, I noticed a vase of lilies and roses sitting on the table next to a box of chocolates, but I didn't think anything of it.  Honestly, I thought my grandpa had gotten them for my grandma or something.  It was really weird when I was told that they were mine.  Nobody had ever gotten me flowers before.

Apparently, he had bought everything that morning and took them to my house so they would be waiting for me when we got there.  I remember thinking it was the sweetest thing ever.  Did I mention that lilies are my favorite flowers? He also thought that the peppermint chocolates he bought me were my favorite too.  I don't know where he got that idea from.
Not the chocolate he got me, but chocolate someone gave me that day.
He had planned to take me to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner, but when we got there, the host asked us what name our reservations were under.  That's when the boyfriend realized that you can't go to dinner on Valentine's Day without making reservations first.  I believe the whole situation was frustrating for him because he wanted to make the day perfect.  I thought it was hilarious.

We ended up going to a pizza parlor that I hadn't even known existed and we ate some amazing cheese pizza. I'm pretty sure it had basil leaves and a few other things on it, but it was mainly cheese.  I was still extremely picky back then.  Not so much now. 

After dinner, we went to the grocery store and bought some brownies and ice cream so we could make brownie sundaes.  We also went to Blockbuster (back when there was one and I had a job)  and rented Green Lantern.  I fell asleep, leaning on him, while he watched the movie.  And later, when I woke up, I somehow, accidentally slapped him across the face.  He was not happy about that one, but he forgave me.

Overall, our first Valentine's Day kind of symbolizes our relationship.
Quirky.  Cheesy.  Perfect.

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