Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Perks

I am getting really jealous reading about people and their snow days.  I know, I moved to California to get away from the snow, but it would be nice if I could get some of the perks every once in awhile!

Until I was in sixth grade, I didn't know what snow days were.  I lived in California all my life.  It was warm and sunny, with the occasional chance of rain.  I didn't know that in other parts of the country, kids actually got to stay home from school when it snowed.  We even got two hour delays when it was a little too foggy outside.  We didn't get delays in California either.

I don't really remember the first snow day I ever had, but I was probably really confused when my mommy told me I didn't have to go to school because of the snow.  Eventually, I began to milk two hour delays and snow days.  Every morning when I would wake up, I turned on the news to watch the schools scroll across the screen, only to be disappointed when mine wasn't there. 

Now, usually, I wouldn't really care about snow days now that I live in Calfiornia.  We all know that snow where I live is pretty much impossible.  I don't live up in the mountains, where there is snow in California (which just sounds weird).  Snow days are being talked everywhere though and I can't help but wish I could cash in on some snow perks!  Even some people in Florida (Jamie) had a snow day this year.  If one state definitely isn't going to be getting snow, it's Florida.  Maybe Arizona too. 

I could really use a day off though.  I have been waking up at 7am everyday (which isn't REALLY a bad thing anymore and then I drive twenty minutes to get to school.  Usually, I'm here pretty early because despite there being three parking garages, they fill up pretty quickly.  Then, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I'm at school ALLLL day.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm only here for one class now, so can we make the snow day on a Monday for an extra long weekend?  Thanks weather gods.  I really appreciate it.

So tell me, how do snow days work in college? I've never understood that.   

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