Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fashion by Mayhem

The Oscars are tomorrow and that means we will soon be bombarded with pictures of beautiful people in even prettier dresses.  However, today, I'm going to show you something a little different. Little as in a 4 year old who makes fabulous dresses out of construction paper.  Sometimes they also include aluminum foil, tissue paper, wrapping paper and gift bags.

Creative?  I think so. 

Mayhem and her mommy have been making these dresses for almost a year now.  The dresses started off simple, but in my opinion, they were always amazing.  Sometimes after award shows, Mayhem and her mommy Google images of dresses and then Mayhem chooses which ones she wants to make.  

The fact that this little girl is only four years old and already has a passion for something amazes me.  This little girl is going places and whether or not she sticks with fashion, I hope she always retains her creativity.  She definitely has a gift.

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