Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Workin at the...movies, yeah.

In yesterday's post, I kind of hinted at some major life changes that happened within the past week.  Okay, so maybe some aren't so major, like getting a new phone because mine cracked and fell in a puddle (more on that tomorrow), but I have some exciting news!
Today is my first day, working at one of my favorite places in the world.  You can find me in the Box Office at the movie theater, selling movie tickets.  I'm pretty sure I get to watch movies for free too.  How awesome is that!?

I'm a strong believer that things will come when the time is right.  I was laid off in May 2012 when my local Blockbuster closed down.  Since then, I never really looked for work, but somehow knew that when I needed a job, it would come to me.  When applying to jobs, I prefer the apply sporadically and then forget you did it approach.  I like to think of it as, putting myself out there, but not expecting anything in return.  I have had three interviews (Target, Chipotle, and Cinemark) in the entire time that I haven't been working. 

Out of the three, Cinemark is definitely my first choice.  I get to work around something that I am really passionate about.  While I don't plan on a movie related career turning into a lifetime thing, I think it's still important that I enjoy what I am doing.  Besides, movies wouldn't exist if it wasn't for photography!

 BTW.  I have some tips that could help in an interview or life in general. 

>> Don't worry...about a thing!  It might seem like the end of the world to see your bank account dwindling, but you just need to be patient.  Worrying isn't going to get you anywhere. Hakuna Matata!

>> Be yourself.  To me, it feels like the interviews of both jobs that I have had completely bombed compared to the way you are "supposed" to interview.  But I stayed true to myself and talked about things that reflected me as a person rather than what I thought they would want to hear.  I told my Blockbuster manager that my favorite movie is Finding Nemo because I like the ocean.  And in the interview last Tuesday, when I was asked about a major obstacle, I told the story of why I bought E.T.   That story is actually more interesting than it sounds.

>> Stay calm.  This takes a lot of practice.  Talking to people freaks me out, whether I have known them all my life or I have never met them before.  It used to be so bad that I couldn't even order food at Taco Bell.  Fortunately, I've come along way since then and I have no problem talking to people.  It's just the coming up with stuff to say that is difficult for me.  I guess what I am trying to say is, don't be nervous!  The interviewer isn't going to hurt you.  The worst they can do is reject you.

>> Get over that fear of rejection.  We all have it to some degree, but if you never try, you will never know.  What was that quote Sam's dad hung in his diner in The Cinderella Story?  Oh right...


Well, that's all I have for you today!  Wish me luck!

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